Take a Note, Azteca Has Verified Security

By Pamela Singleton, Sontitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted January 20, 2009

Dear Criminals,

For the second time in three months someone tried to burglarize Sonitrol Pacific’s client Azteca in Seattle.

For the second time in three months, our system activated, our expert operators verified the alarm, Seattle Police responded, and a suspect went to jail. The operator and police responded so quickly, the suspect didn’t have time to take anything.

Please share in the “Criminals Newsletter” that Azteca has verified security by Sonitrol Pacific and breaking in will result in being arrested. Time to move along.

Simply having a burglar alarm isn’t enough. To protect their assets, business owners need verified security and volumetric protection. Burglars see the security company stickers on windows and break-in in more creative ways, attempting to evade traditional security technology.

The January 20 burglar at Azteca broke through the restaurant’s concrete wall … a trick that might have worked if the building had door contacts and PIR motion sensors pointed at traditional points of entry. However, with Sonitrol Pacific’s audio sensor technology, it didn’t matter where he tried to get in. As soon as he made noise, the sensor activated and the operator sprang into action.