Smart Security Tips to Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance


In the latest report by the Federal Investigative Bureau there were 7,993,630 property crimes across the United States in 2015, so it is only natural that home security continues to be an ongoing concern. Outside of the benefit of additional protection, did you know implementing certain home security features could save you money? You could save up to 20% in … Read More

Scared at School: When Trespassing Brings Police

Ever had the urge to wander the halls of your alma mater, just for old time’s sake? If it means trespassing, three kids in Everett can tell you from experience that it’s not worth it. At 8:56 p.m. on July 30, Verification Center operator Jeff LaMont received an alarm on the courtyard doors at an Everett elementary school. Through the … Read More

These kids screwed up: Teens caught with screwdriver, other tools inside school

When Verification Center operator Robin Goings heard loud and continuous audio coming from outside a Tacoma elementary school in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday, he called the school’s contracted guard service to check it out. Since Sonitrol Pacific’s audio detection system allowed him to keep listening while the guard was on his way, Robin heard male voices inside … Read More

Burglar behind bars!

What were you doing at 1:48 a.m. last night? Jessica Culver was vigilantly monitoring businesses, residences and schools protected by Sonitrol Pacific in the Everett, Wash. area. At that precise moment her night got significantly more exciting than yours: the sound of banging and breaking glass tripped the alarm system at Lake Goodwin Store in Stanwood and Jessica sprung into … Read More

Intrusion Deja Vu

Early this morning,Verification Center operator Minta Christopherson helped Tacoma police catch an intruder at Apex Engineering. Shortly before 2:30 a.m., the Sonitrol Pacific audio detection system that is hard-wired into the building was tripped with sounds of movement in the garage. Minta dispatched police, who swiftly took the not-so-sneaky intruder into custody. Making the apprehension even better is the fact … Read More

Trending now: School trespassing

Trends come and go over the years. Remember Furbies? We at Sonitrol Pacific have an ear for trends, and we know one that has been BIG this year: school. Unfortunately, attending school isn’t the trend (Washington State’s dropout rate is 34%). Trespassing and attempted burglary at school is. Last night, Verification Center operator and swing shift supervisor Jeff LaMont received … Read More

You can run, but you can't hide

When armed, Sonitrol Pacific’s audio detection system picks up on talking, walking, humming and running. On the night of July 14, it was the sound of running feet that tripped the system at Our Savior’s Lutheran church in Everett and led Verification Center operator Jessica Culver to dispatch city police to the site. In less time than it often takes … Read More

Behind this unlocked door: plenty of consequences

An unlocked door doesn’t always mean open. That’s why knocking on a closed bathroom door is always a good idea (I might know this from experience). Two kids in Oregon City learned that lesson the hard way last night: Less than six minutes after getting a call from Sonitrol Pacific, Clackamas county police caught them inside a local school just after … Read More

Stay outta school, kids!

Adults love to tell kids to stay in school. Sonitrol Pacific takes a different stance—children should stay OUT of school, at least in the wee hours of the morning. At 3AM on July 10, eagle-eared Verification Center operator Kris heard a couple of youngsters attempting to break into a Snohomish county middle school. The county sheriff was dispatched to the … Read More

Roller Rink Intrusion Skids to a Halt

Dogs and roller skating rinks don’t usually mix—except when the dogs are police K-9s and the skate rink is the site of a crime. That was the case during a recent break-in at the Everett Skate Deck interrupted by a quick and verified call to the police from Sonitrol Pacific. At 5:45AM on July 3, Operator Kris Etheridge heard loud … Read More