Etheridge wins 2010 Peggy Carman award

Kristine Etheridge dispatched police to catch 38 suspects in 2010, earning Sonitrol Pacific’s “Peggy Carman” award during a company-wide ceremony January 17. The “Peggy Carman” award was created in 2008 to honor Sonitrol Pacific’s long-time employee, culture ambassador and “Godmother”, Peggy Carman.  It is given annually to the operator responsible for the most apprehensions that year.  Etheridge’s monitoring and verification … Read More

By the Numbers: 2010 Sonitrol Pacific Detections-to-Apprehensions

The Sonitrol Pacific team delivered for our clients again in 2010. In all, 194 suspected burglars, vandals and trespassers were caught after Sonitrol Pacific detected them.  Of these, 27 percent were caught before getting inside the secured facility; another 23 percent broke in through a wall, the roof or other unusual point of entry that traditional burglar alarms would not … Read More