Our Verification Center Has Been Busy Recently!

One Apprehended Saturday Morning

Spencer Jones was in the Verification Center Saturday evening when he received alarm signals from a school in Snohomish. He then contacted the local police department and alerted the emergency contacts. Police called back to say that the door had been kicked in. Two juvenile boys were caught by police. The door was pried open with a screwdriver, a flat … Read More

One Apprehended for Burglary Monday Morning

Two Apprehensions in Five Days!

Operator Minta Christopherson was in the Verification Center Monday morning when she received alarm signals from the bar entry of a restaurant in Beaverton, OR. She alerted the emergency contact and contacted the Beaverton Police Department. Police confirmed the arrest of one for burglary, saving our customer from damage.

Wolfe earns August Employee of the Month for 3rd year in a row

Salena’s continuing commitment to the success and growth of our organization, combined with her perpetual positive attitude have once again earned her recognition as our August Employee of the Month.  She also won this award in August of 2009 and 2010. “Salena completes projects and coordinates company events with very little fanfare,” said Michelle Evans, Verification Center Manager.  ” She … Read More