Sonitrol Pacific Awarded 3xLogic Certified Gold Partner!

Certified Gold Partner Seattle, WA – February 16, 2017 Sonitrol Pacific has been named a certified Gold Partner of 3xLogic. Sonitrol Pacific and 3xLogic has had a long-standing, award winning partnership- providing the latest in video surveillance security. Sonitrol Pacific works provide their customers with the latest in Verified technology, ultimately stopping crimes in progress. Thank you to Senior Director of Sales … Read More

Vandals caught shooting at school windows

Police put a swift end to the window-shooting fun of two school vandals after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security sensors detected sounds of glass breaking January 30. Monitoring Operator Joe Orsborn received an impact-activated audio sensor alert about 2:20 a.m. and took action.  He heard glass breaking at several different locations within the school and called police. Lakewood Police responded quickly … Read More

Rooftop hide-and-seekers caught

Rattling sounds detected by Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security sensors alerted the monitoring operator to suspicious activity at a Puget Sound area school, allowing officials to catch kids on the school’s roof January 7. Operator Ashley Sutton received the impact-activated audio signal from the school about 3:30 in the afternoon.  She heard rattling sounds and called the school’s security guard.  While … Read More

Dealership burglars caught by audio security

Police arrested two people suspected of breaking into a Tacoma area car dealership after Sonitrol Pacific audio sensors detected a window breaking December 4. Monitoring Operator Michael Young received an impact-activated audio alert from Volvo of Tacoma just before 4 a.m.  He heard what sounded like glass breaking in the service area and called Fife Police.  While officers were on … Read More

School fence climbers foiled by audio security

Sonitrol Pacific detected the noise made by three suspected school trespassers and an expert operator sent the school district’s security guard catch them. Operator Joe Orsborn received the impact-activated audio security alert from the school a little before 11:00 p.m.  He heard a banging noise near a main entry door and called the security guard service. The security guard caught … Read More

Police don’t let ‘sleeping’ suspect lie

Police caught one suspected school burglar on site and tracked a second to a home where he pretended to sleep after Sonitrol Pacific detected the break-in September 3. Monitoring Operator Jessica Culver received the security system activation from the school just after 3:00 a.m.  She heard a tap sound and called the school district’s security guard service.  While the guard … Read More

Sonitrol Pacific Security audio detects kids throwing rocks, police apprehend

The noise made by people throwing rocks at windows of a Puget Sound area grade school was detected by Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system and police caught the suspected vandals September 5. Monitoring Operator Bricia Mejia received the security system activation just after 7:00 p.m.  She heard the sounds of rocks being thrown and glass breaking.  Mejia called police to … Read More

School year starts with apprehension

Police arrested a suspected trespasser inside a Puget Sound area school after Sonitrol Pacific’s security system detected him and the monitoring operator called officers September 6. Operator Michael Young received the security system activations from the school, but only heard normal sounds.  He called a representative from the school who decided he would go investigate.  While the school district employee … Read More

Operator Keeps Employee Safe as Burglar Ransacks Dental Office Using Audio Security

An alert Sonitrol Pacific operator kept an employee at a Tacoma area dental office from walking in on a burglary in progress thanks to detailed information provided by Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system August 27. Monitoring Operator Robin Goings received audio security activations from the patient treatment area and the staff lounge of Dr. Zimmer’s dental office around 8:15 p.m.  … Read More

18 caught, 4 arrested after detection by Sonitrol Pacific

Police caught a group of 18 trespassers and arrested four people at the South Puget Sound area high school after Sonitrol Pacific detected them August 1. Operator Joe Orsborn received an impact-activated audio alert from the school just after midnight and called the school district’s security guard service to investigate. The security guard found 18 people outside the school.  Tacoma … Read More