Trespassers trip audio sensors

Chelsea MitchellArrests & Apprehensions

Security audio of voices and sounds of furniture being moved resulted in a Sonitrol Pacific operator calling police and the arrest of two trespassers at a Puget Sound area school December 18. Operator Lora Orsborn received motion sensor activations from the school a little after noon and called the district’s guard service to investigate. Moments later, Orsborn heard banging noises … Read More

Vandal detected by audio security

Chelsea MitchellArrests & Apprehensions

Security audio of voices, bangs and glass breaking detected by Sonitrol Pacific allowed deputies to catch one suspected vandal at a Pierce County recreation center December 11. Operator Michael Young received an impact-activated audio alert from the Pierce County Sprinkler Recreation Center in Parkland about 12:30 a.m.  Hearing several loud bangs, followed by sounds of glass breaking, Young dispatched Pierce … Read More

Laughter activates burglar alarm, 3 in custody

Chelsea MitchellArrests & Apprehensions

Police arrested three young men suspected of breaking into an elementary school after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security picked up the sound of laughter August 1. Operator Michael Young received an impact-activated alert from the security audio at a Puget Sound area school just before 1:00 a.m.  He heard banging noises and sounds of people laughing, and called the school district’s … Read More

Monitoring operator takes action, suspects in custody

Chelsea MitchellArrests & Apprehensions

Two suspected burglars carrying backpacks filled with tools and school property were arrested after a Sonitrol Pacific operator detected a burglary in progress at a Puget Sound area school and sent police September 19. Operator Michael Young received multiple sensor activations from the school.  He listened to live security audio on scene to verify the threat, but only heard the … Read More

Audio security catches two looking for meds in school

Chelsea MitchellArrests & Apprehensions

Deputies arrested two people suspected of breaking into a Puget Sound high school in search of prescription medications after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio based security system detected a threat September 14. At 12:49 a.m., Operator Michael Young received an activation from the security system at the high school.  Listening to live security audio, Young heard a door open and shut, sounds … Read More

Sonitrol Pacific Weekend Wrap Up: School Security Deja Vu

Chelsea MitchellArrests & Apprehensions

Two sets of trios traipsing over the rooftops of Tacoma area schools were caught and released to parental custody over the weekend after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security detected them and an expert operator called the school district’s guard service. On September 11, Sonitrol Pacific Operator Sarah Bailey received a signal from the impact activated audio security system at an elementary … Read More

Burglars behind bars, guns stay in store

Chelsea MitchellArrests & Apprehensions

  Deputies interrupted the attempted burglary of a Lakewood, Wash. gun store and arrested four suspects before they got inside and took any weapons thanks to early detection by Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system September 7. Around 1:30 a.m., Operator Kris Etheridge received the impact-activated alert from Rainier Guns.  She listened to what was happening at the store and heard … Read More

Want a burglar alarm? "Only call Sonitrol"

Chelsea MitchellTestimonials & Referrals

I received this email today from Benjamin Canales, one of our Security Consultants in Tacoma, about Kelly’s Cafe and Espresso in Gig Harbor.  While it’s not new that law enforcement officers recommend Sonitrol Pacific to businesses and homeowners, we still enjoy hearing it (and I enjoy sharing it). “Pamela, These folks recently bought a system from me. They were broken … Read More

Gerber Collision + Sonitrol Pacific = 'great decision'

Chelsea MitchellTestimonials & Referrals

July 3, Tacoma Police arrested one man suspected of breaking into vehicles in the Gerber Collision yard after Operator Mike Young saw the man on our monitored security camera system. Today, we received this thank you note from General Manager Jody Durant. “Four years ago, Gerber Collision Tacoma signed up with Sonitrol Pacific.  It was a great decision!  Sonitrol Pacific … Read More

Everyone wins with GS2

Chelsea MitchellSecurity Resources

Benjamin Canales, Sontirol Pacific Tacoma Security Consultant, had us all cheering this morning with the news of a new Good Stuff Squared (GS2) client. We provide home security for John and Connie and they’ve referred two of their neighbors to us.  Each time they send a new client our way, they ask we give their $200 GS2 donation to the … Read More