Q3 apprehension numbers

Jim Payne, our VP of Sales & Marketing, called it “the summer of the slammer”.  I favored “summertime = prime time crime time”.  However you want to label it, Sonitrol Pacific detections yielded bumper crop of apprehensions during the third quarter of 2011. During July, August and September, authorities caught 110 suspects in 43 separate incidents after one of our … Read More

Temp monitoring, zone security & catching bad guys

Here are a few of the subjects covered in the Spring 2011 edition of our Sounding Board security newsletter. Environmental monitoring, documentation gets easy, peasy Sonitrol Pacific has provided environmental monitoring services for years.  Now, we offer advanced technology that makes temperature and humidity monitoring and documenting of sensitive areas easier than ever. Our new environmental sensor unit performs automatic … Read More

Tears, arrests follow audio detection of crime in progress by 4 juveniles

The attempted theft of a school projector by four juveniles ended in tears and arrests after Sonitrol Pacific detected the burglary in progress October 21. Operator Kris Etheridge received the activation from the security system inside one of the Puget Sound area high school’s portable classrooms just after 11:00 p.m.  She heard several voices over live audio sensors and called … Read More

Audio detection leads to drug possession charges

Police charged one person with possession after they caught him smoking pot inside a Puget Sound area school when investigating a Sonitrol Pacific detection October 20. Operator Robin Goings received an impact-activated audio alert and heard sounds of “metal clanking” from inside the school, but no voices or other sounds of movement.  He called the district’s guard service to investigate. … Read More

Security System Prevents Theft From Schools

Police picked up two teen girls picking through a Puget Sound area school’s lost and found for designer items after a detection by Sonitrol Pacific December 22. Operator Kris Etheridge received an alert from the school just before 11:00 p.m.  Listening to live audio on the scene, she heard faint voices and called Lakewood Police. Officers located two juvenile girls … Read More

Congrats to the Kimberlite crew!

Our partners in the electronic security verification movement to the south, Kimberlite (dba Sonitrol Security), had an impressive month of detection-to-apprehensions in July.  They helped police reel in 151 suspects.  Even by Sonitrol National Dealers Association’s (SNDA) standards, this is a massive number. While we at Sonitrol Pacific still firmly believe our Operations Center/Central Station is the best around, we … Read More

FDA Urges Vigilant Security to Reduce Public Health Risk | We Can Help

April 28 the FDA released a letter to cargo and warehouse stakeholders urging vigilance and tighter security practices when storing or transporting FDA regulated items. “FDA is very concerned about the increase in cargo and warehouse thefts of FDA regulated products, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vaccines, medical devices, and infant formula. These crimes threaten the public health because product … Read More

It's all about you and your security

At Sonitrol Pacific it’s all about you. And, in order to make it all about you, it’s all about us: our technology, our people, our commitment to you. To deliver on the promises we make our clients, the Sonitrol Pacific team maintains incredibly high standards and quality controls. When you need help from us, you get a live person regardless … Read More

Crime Stoppers donations

The Sonitrol Pacific team wholeheartedly believes in the work done by Crime Stoppers organizations and do all we can to support their efforts to make our communities safer.  One way we offer support is through donations.  Every quarter, we donate $100 per arrest incident at a Sonitrol Pacific protected site. During the first quarter of 2010, 27 suspected burglars, robbers, … Read More