Is Your Business a Soft Target for Crime?

Burglars seek out targets with maximum return for minimal risk of getting arrested.  They want to get in quickly without being seen, grab easily carried items of value, get out before being detected by a burglar alarm. As the person responsible for the security of your facility, your goal is to do everything you can to make your building an … Read More

Metal theft alert from Kent Police Department

Shannon Summers, Sonitrol Pacific Seattle Security Consultant, received this crime alert from the Kent Police Department and we wanted to help spread the word. Dear Kent Business, Our officers report seeing a steady increase in metal theft from businesses in our City. Copper seems to be the most targeted, however, the cost of most metal is on the rise so … Read More

Sounding Board, Sonitrol Pacific Quarterly Newsletter, Winter 2011, 194 Apprehensions

Winterizing “SnOMG”, the Northwest’s November weather event and freeze, caught a lot of people off guard.  If you’re still completing your winter weatherization checklist, here are a few items to add that will help increase facility security. Weatherize for Security • Schedule your annual fire system inspection for cleaning and fresh batteries. • Reset timers on cameras, camera lighting and … Read More