Crash detected, drunk driver arrested

Police arrested a man suspected of driving drunk after Sonitrol Pacific detected his crash into a restaurant secured with audio sensors on January 10. Monitoring Operator Bricia Mejia received an alert from the dining room area of the restaurant.  She heard a loud crashing noise, followed by a man’s voice and took action. Portland Police were on site in minutes … Read More

Rosenthal named Employee of the Month

The Sound Security team and our clients recognize Heather Rosenthal’s personal commitment to excellence.  They trust her knowledge, her passion and her experience, but most of all, they trust and respect her.  We want Heather to know what a valued asset she is to our organization and named her our September 2011 Employee of the Month. “I appreciate Heather everyday … Read More

Security audio, alert operator detect break-in at Parr Lumber

Officers arrested one suspected burglar after Sonitrol Pacific Operator Jessica Culver heard the break-in at Parr Lumber and called authorities September 30. Culver heard glass breaking, men’s voices and sounds of movement inside the building over the Sonitrol Pacific audio security sensors and called police. She continued to listen to keep police informed of what was happening and heard banging … Read More

School intruders detected, arrested

Police arrested two people suspected of breaking into a Portland area school after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio-based security system detected the crime in progress August 18. Monitoring Operator Jessica Culver was alerted to the school’s security system activating around 10:30 p.m.  She listened to what was happening live inside the school with audio security sensors, heard sounds of at least two … Read More

‘You guys saved us big time’ with school burglar caught, property recovered

Police responded in less than three minutes to a Sonitrol Pacific verified alarm at a Portland area school and caught a suspected burglar filling a cart with about $40,000 worth of electronics August 16. Monitoring Operator Joe Orsborn received the security system activation just after 2 a.m.  Initially, he only heard the HVAC unit when listening to the audio security … Read More

Ball Playing Trespassers Caught

Four teens playing basketball inside a Portland area middle school were caught after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system detected them March 12. Operator Robin Goings received an impact-activated alarm from the school late Saturday afternoon. He heard security audio of what sounded like people playing ball and dispatched the school district’s guard service to investigate. When the guard arrived at … Read More

2 in custody, 2 on the run & asking: dude, where's my car

An attempted burglary at a medical marijuana facility ended in arrest for two and a ‘dude, where’s my car moment’ for two others thanks to a detection by Sonitrol Pacific’s security system January 23. Just before 5:00 a.m., Operator Joe Orsborn received an alert from the door between the warehouse and office of The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation.  Through the … Read More

Supporting Crime Stoppers

Sonitrol Pacific security system detections, verified by our monitoring experts, led to the apprehension of 37 suspected criminals in 18 separate incidents during the fourth quarter of 2010.  Each quarter, we donate $100.00 for each Sonitrol Pacific detection-to-apprehension incident in recognition of the officers and dispatchers involved in these incidents. Crime Stoppers of Oregon – $400.00 donation, (4) apprehension incidents … Read More

Suspected burglar, car thief caught by audio security

Police arrested a man suspected of attempting to burglarize a Portland store and possessing a stolen car after Sonitrol Pacific detected the break-in December 26. Operator Joe Orsborn received an impact-activated audio security alert from The Mac Pac on Whitaker Way just before 6:00 a.m.  He heard rattling noises and other suspicious sounds and called Portland Police. Police responded quickly … Read More