Suspected port burglar caught

Police arrested a suspected burglar found hiding in a boat after Sonitrol Pacific security detected suspicious activity at the port facility and called officials December 27. Monitoring Operator Jeff LaMont received the alert from the security system in the port’s maintenance building.  He called officials to investigate. The port’s security guard and Everett Police responded.  They located a man hiding … Read More

Wolfe named Employee of Quarter

Salena Wolfe was named Sonitrol Pacific’s Employee of the Quarter for the third quarter of 2011. Whether it’s taking care of customers, supporting teammates or challenging own personal development, Salena is always taking it to the next level.  She’s positive, enthusiastic, helpful and, in general, awesome. Salena’s commitment to excellence is not new.  She was named our Employee of the … Read More

Everett Police win national honor

Regular readers of our blog know were fans of the Everett Police Department’s “Project Impact” crime prevention program and how happy we were when the program was nominated for a Webber Seavey Award for Quality in Law Enforcement from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). Great news, they won! According to the IACP website, this “program annually honors … Read More

"Panic" alarm pulled, threatening person detained

Police removed a threatening patient from a Lynnwood medical clinic and detained him after they responded to an emergency dispatch from Sonitrol Pacific September 13. Monitoring Operator Sarah Bailey received the emergency alarm triggered by an employee at the medical clinic and called police.  She listened to live security audio streaming from the facility and heard a very upset man … Read More

Wolfe earns August Employee of the Month for 3rd year in a row

Salena’s continuing commitment to the success and growth of our organization, combined with her perpetual positive attitude have once again earned her recognition as our August Employee of the Month.  She also won this award in August of 2009 and 2010. “Salena completes projects and coordinates company events with very little fanfare,” said Michelle Evans, Verification Center Manager.  ” She … Read More

Leave the cookies, take the marbles

Sonitrol Pacific’s detection of “scuffling and movement” sounds led police to arrest two suspected school burglars and recover electronics and a jar of marbles August 30. Monitoring Operator Kris Etheridge received an impact-activated audio alert from the grade school around 3:30 a.m.  She heard a loud bang followed by prying noises and sounds of scuffling and movement.  Etheridge immediately called … Read More

Door Kicking Group of Teenagers Detected, Detained, Released to Parents

For the second time in two weeks, Sonitrol Pacific detected threatening activity at a Puget Sound area high school and sent police to catch the suspected perpetrators August 31. Operator Kris Etheridge received an impact-activated audio security alert from the school’s gym around 1 a.m.  She heard what sounded like a door opening and closing, followed by giggling and called … Read More

Trespassing teens detected, detained

Three teens detected inside a Puget Sound area high school by Sonitrol Pacific were detained by police for trespassing August 21. Operator Jessica Culver received security system activations from the auditorium at the school just before 3 a.m.  She heard sounds of someone walking around.  Everett Police and the school district’s security guard service went to the school to investigate. … Read More

Music To Our Ears: Four Juveniles Caught Breaking into a School Band Room

Deputies took four juveniles into custody suspected of breaking into a school’s band room after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system “heard” voices August 29. Operator Kris Etheridge received the security alarm from the school’s band room just before 1:30 a.m.  She heard a metallic clang and a voice and called the King County Sheriff’s Department.  While officers were on their … Read More

Scraping, prying noises lead to dispatch, arrest

Police arrested a serial burglar inside a Stanwood home after a Sonitrol Pacific operator heard threatening noises over the audio security sensors August 19. Operator Kris Etheridge received an alert from the home with security audio of scraping and prying sounds. She immediately called Stanwood Police. An officer arrived at the home in minutes, saw someone inside and called for … Read More