Apartments Need Security Too

Apartment Safety

Security systems aren’t just for your typical home or office, apartments need protection too. Though some complexes have key card access and gated entry, it isn’t always enough to keep out the burglars. Below are some tips to help keep you safe in your apartment. • Before you pick a new apartment to live in, check out the neighborhood ahead … Read More

Crime Prevention Month Begins Next Week!

Crime Prevention Month begins next week and we’re really excited about it! Each week in October we’ll be posting new blogs on different crime prevention topics. Be sure to check out our blog or social media every Thursday for a new post! In 1984, the National Crime Prevention Council designated Crime Prevention Month for the month of October to help … Read More

Sonitrol Pacific is Hiring!

Sonitrol Pacific is hiring! Come join our dynamic team and work for the leader in verified electronic security. Below is the list of current open positions. -Alarm Monitoring Operator -B2B Sales Consultant (Everett, WA) -B2B Sales Consultant (Bellevue, WA) -Customer Service Representative (Portland, OR) Here is the link for the above jobs- We look forward to hearing from you!     … Read More

One Apprehended Over the Weekend at Healthcare Office in Everett

An operator was monitoring early Sunday morning when she received an alarm signal from the employee entrance at a healthcare office in Everett, WA. She could see a male on deck and dispatched security. She then received a second trip and could see a man settling in with a bike and blankets. Shortly after, the same man could be seen … Read More

Going on vacation? Don’t post about it… until after you return, seriously.

“Posting vacation plans on social media is like inviting thieves to your home.” This is why we recommend not posting your vacation plans or pictures until after you return home. Posting information about your travel plans can increase the risk of burglaries or break-ins as criminals are now targeting social media to find victims, even if your account is private. … Read More

Stay outta school, kids!

Adults love to tell kids to stay in school. Sonitrol Pacific takes a different stance—children should stay OUT of school, at least in the wee hours of the morning. At 3AM on July 10, eagle-eared Verification Center operator Kris heard a couple of youngsters attempting to break into a Snohomish county middle school. The county sheriff was dispatched to the … Read More

Business Security Systems: A Chain is Only as Strong as its Weakest Link

You can’t ‘fake’ security.  There are times when people think that a sign in their window or a faux camera are enough of a deterrent for crime.  If this were true then our jails would be empty and we would have no need of a police force.  We could all just post signs that say “Please don’t take my stuff” … Read More