Laughter activates burglar alarm, 3 in custody

Police arrested three young men suspected of breaking into an elementary school after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security picked up the sound of laughter August 1. Operator Michael Young received an impact-activated alert from the security audio at a Puget Sound area school just before 1:00 a.m.  He heard banging noises and sounds of people laughing, and called the school district’s … Read More

Congrats to the Kimberlite crew!

Our partners in the electronic security verification movement to the south, Kimberlite (dba Sonitrol Security), had an impressive month of detection-to-apprehensions in July.  They helped police reel in 151 suspects.  Even by Sonitrol National Dealers Association’s (SNDA) standards, this is a massive number. While we at Sonitrol Pacific still firmly believe our Operations Center/Central Station is the best around, we … Read More

Here we come to save the day …

… Sonitrol Pacific saves clients’ assets AND their parties. Sometimes it’s easy to see how much money we save our clients.  Dollars saved due to our equipment and labor warranty; our preventive maintenance; free consultations; free training; no false alarms; free system/walk tests; free late-to-close calls; free monthly reports; 24/7 service and support;  and such ilk are relatively simple to … Read More

It's all about you and your security

At Sonitrol Pacific it’s all about you. And, in order to make it all about you, it’s all about us: our technology, our people, our commitment to you. To deliver on the promises we make our clients, the Sonitrol Pacific team maintains incredibly high standards and quality controls. When you need help from us, you get a live person regardless … Read More