‘Combative’ intruder detected, arrested

An intoxicated intruder at a Portland theater group facility told police to “shoot me” when they confronted him after responding to Sonitrol Pacific’s detection and dispatch May 28. Security system monitoring operator Michael Young received the impact-activated audio alarm from the building after 3:30 a.m.  He heard a single loud crash and called Portland Police.  While on the phone with … Read More

Bang, crash detected by audio security leads to arrest

A Sonitrol Pacific audio-based security system detected a “bang and crash” at a Tacoma area medical facility and responding police arrested one suspect June 25. Monitoring operator Jessica Culver received the impact-activated alarm from Quantum Medical just before 4 a.m. and heard banging and crashing noises she suspected was glass breaking.  She immediately called Lakewood Police.  Culver continued to monitor … Read More

Repeat offender caught by audio security

Sonitrol Pacific detected a break-in at a Puget Sound area recycling center and sent officers to catch the suspected burglar as he tried to escape July 6. Operator Joe Orsborn received an impact-activated audio alert from the break room of SP Recycling Corp. just after 2 a.m.  He heard scraping sounds and called the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.  Orsborn continued … Read More

Audio verification in action catches burglar

Police arrested one individual suspected of sawing a hole through a service door in order to avoid activating the alarm system at Volvo of Tacoma on March 2. When operator Joe Orsborn heard what sounded like lots of banging and rustling coming from the service area of Volvo of Tacoma, he dispatched Fife Police Department immediately. When Joe received an … Read More

Preventing false burglar alarms

Prevent False Burglar Alarms – Know How to Use Your Security System Many false alarms are caused because proper usage of the security system is not understood, especially as it relates to entry and exit.  Excessive false alarms compromise your security. Does everyone who uses your security system know where the “delay” doors are located? Delay Doors: Doors programmed to … Read More

Business Security Systems: A Chain is Only as Strong as its Weakest Link

You can’t ‘fake’ security.  There are times when people think that a sign in their window or a faux camera are enough of a deterrent for crime.  If this were true then our jails would be empty and we would have no need of a police force.  We could all just post signs that say “Please don’t take my stuff” … Read More

Trespasser & inflatable friend detected, apprehended

Police took into custody a suspected trespasser and his inflatable friend after Sonitrol Pacific detected his activity inside a Tacoma area park facility January 28. Early in the evening, Operator Robin Goings received an activation alert from the Sonitrol Pacific security system inside a locked storage building at Metro Parks Tacoma’s South End Recreation Area.  He listened to live security … Read More

Christmas Eve school vandals caught

Three suspected vandals of portable classrooms at a Puget Sound area middle school December 24 were caught thanks to audio security sensors monitored by Sonitrol Pacific. Operator Kris Etheridge received an impact-activated audio alert from the school just before 4:00 a.m. and heard muffled bangs from two portable classrooms.  She continued to listen live to activity at the school and … Read More

Audio detection leads to drug possession charges

Police charged one person with possession after they caught him smoking pot inside a Puget Sound area school when investigating a Sonitrol Pacific detection October 20. Operator Robin Goings received an impact-activated audio alert and heard sounds of “metal clanking” from inside the school, but no voices or other sounds of movement.  He called the district’s guard service to investigate. … Read More

Attention to detail avoids false alarms

I am very proud of all the non-profit and community support organizations Sonitrol Pacific helps secure.  Having been a Camp Fire Girl when I was young, I’m particularly happy we take care of several Camp Fire USA facilities. Following their tradition of teaching excellent standards of etiquette,  Crystal Jordan from Camp Fire USE of Central Puget Sound sent us this … Read More