Sonitrol Pacific security: sending bad guys to jail

On September 24, our security system at Judd & Black in Everett, Was. detected a burglary in progress.  Police responded in force (more than 20 officers) and arrested two men they caught hauling out flat-screen TVs.  Today, John Hoelzel, Judd & Black Everett Manager, sent  Summer Felker, his Sonitrol Pacific Customer Service Representative, a note of thanks. “10-25-10 Summer, I … Read More

Security system detects, 2 arrested, $9K in equipment recovered

For the second time in two weeks, Sonitrol Pacific alerted police to a burglary in progress at Acrowood Corp Warehouse and suspects were arrested. Early morning on September 21, Operator Kris Etheridge received an activation from the Sonitrol Pacific security system at the warehouse and called Everett Police. When officers arrived, two men took off on foot and police sent … Read More