Giggling gaggle of trespassers trumped

Police detained seven kids outside a Puget Sound area high school after Sonitrol Pacific detected them May 26. A little before 3 a.m., monitoring operator Minta Christopherson received security alert activations from the main entry doors to the school and heard several people laughing and talking over the live audio security sensors. She called police. Officers quickly arrived at the … Read More

I spy a burglar

Deputies arrested a suspected burglar at an electrical apparatus manufacturing company in Hillsboro after Sonitrol Pacific’s video alarm monitoring system caught him on camera and the operator called police June 1. Monitoring Operator Jessica Culver saw a man climb a fence to get inside a secured area and throw items back over the fence. She immediately called the Washington County … Read More

3-minute police response to verified alarm

Police arrested a suspected burglar after they arrived at an Everett business within three minutes of receiving Sonitrol Pacific’s call of a verified alarm May 27. Monitoring Operator Jessica Culver received an impact-activated audio security sensor alert from a machinery manufacturing company just before 5 a.m. She heard the noise of metal crashing and sound of footsteps inside the business … Read More

Voices tip off Sonitrol Pacific to school trespassers

Faint voices detected by Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security sensors resulted in the apprehension of two suspected trespassers inside a Tacoma area grade school on New Year’s Eve. Monitoring Operator Ashley Sutton received an alert about 4:30 p.m. from the Sonitrol Pacific security system at the school.  She heard faint voices over the live audio security sensors and called the district’s … Read More

Audio Security of Voices Leads to Two Arrests, Recovery of Property

Police arrested two people suspected of attempting to burglarize a school’s portable classroom and recovered stolen property after Sonitrol Pacific detected the threat September 18. Monitoring Operator Bricia Mejia received an impact-activated alert from the portable classroom and heard the voices of two men.  She immediately called police.  Mejia continued to hear the intruders’ voices while police were on their … Read More

School fence climbers foiled by audio security

Sonitrol Pacific detected the noise made by three suspected school trespassers and an expert operator sent the school district’s security guard catch them. Operator Joe Orsborn received the impact-activated audio security alert from the school a little before 11:00 p.m.  He heard a banging noise near a main entry door and called the security guard service. The security guard caught … Read More

Kitchen creepers caught

Security system activations from the kitchen of a Tacoma area school resulted in the apprehension of six suspected burglars June 20. Around 10:30 p.m., Operator Mike Young received the security alerts coming from the school’s kitchen.  Listening to live audio captured by sound security sensors in the room, Young heard voices and called the school district’s guard service. Tacoma Police … Read More

Whispers ‘heard’, 3 caught

Deputies detained three juveniles trespassing inside a Puget Sound area school after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio sensors detected whispering voices July 14. Monitoring Operator Robin Goings received the security system activation from the school before 4:30 p.m.  He heard live audio of several “young male voices whispering” and called King County Sheriff’s Department. Deputies located three boys inside the school and … Read More

Rooftop HVAC Units at Risk

Unprotected Rooftop Units A High Risk And Devastating Cost   Elsewhere in the country, rooftop HVAC units have been a draw to burglars now it is spread to the Pacific Northwest. In recent months reports of HVAC units being stripped of their copper has been reported in significantly increasing numbers. Even though the value of the copper retrieved is hardly … Read More

Ball Playing Trespassers Caught

Four teens playing basketball inside a Portland area middle school were caught after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system detected them March 12. Operator Robin Goings received an impact-activated alarm from the school late Saturday afternoon. He heard security audio of what sounded like people playing ball and dispatched the school district’s guard service to investigate. When the guard arrived at … Read More