Door Kicking Group of Teenagers Detected, Detained, Released to Parents

For the second time in two weeks, Sonitrol Pacific detected threatening activity at a Puget Sound area high school and sent police to catch the suspected perpetrators August 31. Operator Kris Etheridge received an impact-activated audio security alert from the school’s gym around 1 a.m.  She heard what sounded like a door opening and closing, followed by giggling and called … Read More

Pop goes the perpetrator

Police apprehended six suspected trespassers at a Puget Sound area grade school, arresting one after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio sensor security system detected the sounds of fireworks going off outside the building June 12. Monitoring Operator Ashley Sutton received the impact-activation alert of the school’s audio security sensors around 6:30 p.m.  She heard taps followed by voices.  A young man shouted … Read More

Suspected burglars get stuck in vent

Police and firefighters rescued suspected burglars after they tried to break into a school through the ventilation system July 10.  Sonitrol Pacific detected the break-in and alerted police. Monitoring Operator Jessica Culver (pictured) received an impact-activated alert from the school’s Sonitrol Pacific security system.  She heard loud bangs and laughter, and believed people were on the roof.  Culver immediately called … Read More

Intruder caught inside school

A woman was caught inside a Puget Sound area school after Sonitrol Pacific’s monitoring center detected a break-in and the operator called police June 12. Operator Jessica Culver received an alarm activation from the school just before 5 a.m.  Listening to live security audio, she heard sounds of movement and rustling, and called police. While officers were en route, Culver … Read More

'Ninjas' foiled by audio security

Police caught three children pretending to be ninjas on the roof of a Puget Sound area school after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system detected them June 11. Operator Kris Etheridge received an impact-activated security system alert from the school just before 3 a.m.  She heard a crashing metallic noise and sounds of footsteps, and called the sheriff’s department. Deputies located … Read More

Expect the Unexpected from Burglars: ADA Ramps & Snack Shacks

Skateboarding may not be a crime; stealing a wheelchair ramp is Scrap metal doesn’t immediately come to mind when you think of schools and school districts’ risk for theft.  Unfortunately, metal wheelchair ramps for portable classrooms have recently become an attractive target for thieves. The theft of aluminum wheelchair ramps from homes, apartments and living facilities has been increasing across … Read More

Sonitrol Pacific "the logical choice"

Different organizations have different reasons for choosing Sonitrol Pacific for their electronic facility security.  However, for most everyone it comes down to the fact that we save schools, businesses and other organizations time and money … in addition to delivering the highest standard of service and security technology. This letter from the Snohomish School District helps tell one organization’s reasons: … Read More

Rooftop celebration ends in apprehensions

Trespassers celebrating a birthday on the roof of a Puget Sound area school were caught due to detection by Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system. Operator Sarah Bailey received an impact-activated audio security alert from the school and heard “loud thunks” and footsteps.  She called the school district’s guard service. Bailey continued to listen to what was going on at the … Read More

Rooftop break-in detected, 2 arrested, electronics recovered

Police arrested two people suspected of breaking into a Puget Sound area high school through a roof hatch and attempting to steal electronic equipment after Sonitrol Pacific’s security system detected the intruders July 2. Operator Kathleen Armstrong received the system activation a little after 8:00 p.m., triggered by a signal from a roof hatch at the school.  She called the … Read More