Arresting the Angry

At 12:13 last night, Verification Center operator Kris Etheridge received audio activations from smashing and banging activity at a Tacoma, Wash. elementary school.  She dispatched the school’s patrol service, who promptly caught the suspect. The man had broken the skylight in one of the classrooms, but did not make entry. Police did a search of the school using K-9 forces. … Read More

Trespassing twosome detected, caught

The Sonitrol Pacific security system at a Puget Sound area school detected two kids trespassing at the school September 18. Monitoring Operator Robin Goings received the system activation from the school and called the guard service.  Goings was able to tell the guard exactly where in the school the intruders were based on the security sensor activity. Two juveniles were … Read More

A bang, a crash and an arrest

Police arrested a person suspected of attempting to break into a Puget Sound area school after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security detected suspicious sounds and called authorities September 21. Monitoring Operator Kris Etheridge received the initial alert just before midnight, heard banging sounds and called police.  Moments later, Etheridge heard a crashing noise and updated authorities. Officers were on scene quickly … Read More

A library card really can open doors, but Sonitrol Pacific can detect the entry

Sonitrol Pacific detected an attempted break-in and the monitoring operator sent authorities to catch two juveniles using a library card and a knife to try to open a locked door at a Puget Sound area high school September 18. Operator Kris Etheridge received multiple alarm activations from the school’s multi-arts room.  She didn’t hear anything suspicious over the audio security … Read More

Leave the cookies, take the marbles

Sonitrol Pacific’s detection of “scuffling and movement” sounds led police to arrest two suspected school burglars and recover electronics and a jar of marbles August 30. Monitoring Operator Kris Etheridge received an impact-activated audio alert from the grade school around 3:30 a.m.  She heard a loud bang followed by prying noises and sounds of scuffling and movement.  Etheridge immediately called … Read More

Sonitrol Pacific Security audio detects kids throwing rocks, police apprehend

The noise made by people throwing rocks at windows of a Puget Sound area grade school was detected by Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system and police caught the suspected vandals September 5. Monitoring Operator Bricia Mejia received the security system activation just after 7:00 p.m.  She heard the sounds of rocks being thrown and glass breaking.  Mejia called police to … Read More

School vandals detected, apprehended

Security audio of banging noises detected by Sonitrol Pacific led police to catch two suspected school vandals August 31. Monitoring Operator Joe Orsborn received an activation of the audio security sensors in a room inside the school, he heard loud banging sounds and called Lakewood Police.  The banging noises continued while officers were on their way. Police used a K9 … Read More

School year starts with apprehension

Police arrested a suspected trespasser inside a Puget Sound area school after Sonitrol Pacific’s security system detected him and the monitoring operator called officers September 6. Operator Michael Young received the security system activations from the school, but only heard normal sounds.  He called a representative from the school who decided he would go investigate.  While the school district employee … Read More

Trespassing teens detected, detained

Three teens detected inside a Puget Sound area high school by Sonitrol Pacific were detained by police for trespassing August 21. Operator Jessica Culver received security system activations from the auditorium at the school just before 3 a.m.  She heard sounds of someone walking around.  Everett Police and the school district’s security guard service went to the school to investigate. … Read More

School intruders detected, arrested

Police arrested two people suspected of breaking into a Portland area school after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio-based security system detected the crime in progress August 18. Monitoring Operator Jessica Culver was alerted to the school’s security system activating around 10:30 p.m.  She listened to what was happening live inside the school with audio security sensors, heard sounds of at least two … Read More