Eight Common Home Security Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

Common Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

It’s 2016 and thieves and burglars alike have become even more inventive. They’ve seen a lot of common mistakes that they know to look for. Better protect your home this year by avoiding these common home security mistakes. You only sometimes lock your doors: You may live in a nice neighborhood, have friendly and watchful neighbors, but that still won’t … Read More

Apartments Need Security Too

Apartment Safety

Security systems aren’t just for your typical home or office, apartments need protection too. Though some complexes have key card access and gated entry, it isn’t always enough to keep out the burglars. Below are some tips to help keep you safe in your apartment. • Before you pick a new apartment to live in, check out the neighborhood ahead … Read More

Scraping, prying noises lead to dispatch, arrest

Police arrested a serial burglar inside a Stanwood home after a Sonitrol Pacific operator heard threatening noises over the audio security sensors August 19. Operator Kris Etheridge received an alert from the home with security audio of scraping and prying sounds. She immediately called Stanwood Police. An officer arrived at the home in minutes, saw someone inside and called for … Read More