Sonitrol Pacific Awarded 3xLogic Certified Gold Partner!

Certified Gold Partner Seattle, WA – February 16, 2017 Sonitrol Pacific has been named a certified Gold Partner of 3xLogic. Sonitrol Pacific and 3xLogic has had a long-standing, award winning partnership- providing the latest in video surveillance security. Sonitrol Pacific works provide their customers with the latest in Verified technology, ultimately stopping crimes in progress. Thank you to Senior Director of Sales … Read More

Security audio, alert operator detect break-in at Parr Lumber

Officers arrested one suspected burglar after Sonitrol Pacific Operator Jessica Culver heard the break-in at Parr Lumber and called authorities September 30. Culver heard glass breaking, men’s voices and sounds of movement inside the building over the Sonitrol Pacific audio security sensors and called police. She continued to listen to keep police informed of what was happening and heard banging … Read More

Ball Playing Trespassers Caught

Four teens playing basketball inside a Portland area middle school were caught after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system detected them March 12. Operator Robin Goings received an impact-activated alarm from the school late Saturday afternoon. He heard security audio of what sounded like people playing ball and dispatched the school district’s guard service to investigate. When the guard arrived at … Read More

Suspected burglar, car thief caught by audio security

Police arrested a man suspected of attempting to burglarize a Portland store and possessing a stolen car after Sonitrol Pacific detected the break-in December 26. Operator Joe Orsborn received an impact-activated audio security alert from The Mac Pac on Whitaker Way just before 6:00 a.m.  He heard rattling noises and other suspicious sounds and called Portland Police. Police responded quickly … Read More

Got Superior Security with Sonitrol Pacific? Promote Yourself

We provide security for many organizations that deliver goods and services for other businesses.  Businesses like distribution centers, document storage facilities, wine storage facilities and uniform companies need complete security, security that protects their assets AND the assets of their clients, in order to meet the commitments they make to their clients.  Burglaries, internal shrinkage and fires can devastate these … Read More

Attempted gun theft detected, thwarted

Police recovered three guns and more than $3,000 in merchandise when they arrested a suspected burglar of a Portland store after Sonitrol Pacific detected the break-in December 12. Operator Michael Young received an impact-activated audio alert from the Sonitrol Pacific security system at Bi-Mart on Halsey around 2:30 a.m.  He heard a faint rattling noise, common that morning due to … Read More

Audio security turns smash-n-grab into smash-n-arrest

Police arrested two teens suspected of smashing a store’s glass door to grab inventory inside after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security sensors detected the break-in October 19. Sonitrol Pacific Operator Jessica Culver received an impact-activated audio sensor alert from the main show room at Outer Rim about 11:30 p.m.; sounds of glass breaking were followed by yelling and Culver dispatched Portland … Read More

Gate Security, Monitored by Expert Monitoring Center, Ensures Trespassers Caught

Police caught two people trespassing inside the courtyard of a Portland area high school after Sonitrol Pacific’s electronic gate security detected the entry September 17. Operator Minta Christopherson received the security system activation from the school’s courtyard gate just after 1:00 a.m. and called Oregon City Police. Police officers arrived at the school within minutes of Christopherson’s call and caught … Read More

Police respond to Sonitrol Pacific alarms

Yesterday, while grabbing a quick lunch at a Milwaukie sandwich shop, Security Consultant Shane Smith ran into a sergeant from the city’s police department.    The sergeant wanted to know if 1) Sonitrol Pacific still made a donation every quarter to Crime Stoppers for our apprehension incidents and 2) if Sonitrol Pacific still presented certificates of achievement to officers who arrest … Read More

Security for parks, protecting our communities

I love that our security systems protect so many parks throughout the Pacific Northwest.  The entire Sonitrol Pacific team takes great pride in helping preserve the joy and beauty of our local parks. Parks and community centers are at particular risk of vandalism, trespassing and theft due to their welcoming environments.  We deliver early and verified detection of suspicious activity … Read More