Atlanta 911 Operator

Atlanta 911 Operator Listen to a call from Sonitrol Pacific to the authorities about a burglary in progress. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO SCHEDULE A FREE ASSESSMENT

Everett Pharmacy

Pharmacy Theft Attempts End in Arrests Live security audio of a burglary in progress at an Everett pharmacy allowed police to arrest two suspects and recover stolen drugs. A Sonitrol Pacific Operator received an activation of the audio security sensors inside the Community Health Center of Snohomish County’s Everett Pharmacy. The Operator heard what sounded like a saw followed by … Read More

Church Security

Audio security activates, burglars arrested, church property recovered Officers arrested two people suspected of burglarizing a church after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system detected a break-in in progress. A Sonitrol Pacific Operator received an activation from the Sonitrol Pacific security system at a Church in Snohomish and heard prying and tapping sounds over the live audio sensors. She immediately called … Read More

Seattle Espresso Stand

Audio security thwarts burglary Sonitrol Pacific security audio of movement inside a Seattle espresso stand led to the arrest of one suspected burglar December 9. A Sonitrol Pacific Operator received the impact-activated alarm from the Seattle espresso stand just after 2 a.m. She heard a crashing noise followed by what sounded like glass breaking and movement, and called Seattle Police. … Read More

Car Dealership in Wilsonville

Audio Sensors Detect Car Dealership Vandal Deputies arrested one man and charged him with felony vandalism after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system inside a car dealership detected the man outside on the car lot. Just after midnight, Operator Michael Young received a signal from the impact-activated audio sensors inside the car dealership. Listening to live audio, Young heard a man … Read More

More Church Security

Security Audio from a Church Break-in Members of the Stanwood Police Department and the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department took five suspects into custody after Sonitrol Pacific’s operators heard noises indicating an attempted break-in in progress. The suspects actually broke into an area of the church that isn’t secured by Sonitrol Pacific, but the audio sensors detected them anyway. At the … Read More

Our 5000th Arrest

Our 5000th Arrest Sonitrol Pacific earned our 5,000th apprehension with the arrest of three suspected burglars by Portland Police December 6, 2008. You’ll hear banging noises as the suspects break-in through the roof, then police arrive. At the end, you’ll hear police talking while a K-9 unit clears the building. They talk about the effectiveness of our security and their … Read More

School Burglary Thwarted

Audio security, K9 unit catch school intruders Audio security sensors detected sounds of glass breaking and voices leading a Sonitrol Pacific operator to alert police to a burglary in progress at a Washington middle school. After midnight, one of our Operators  received security system activations from a science classroom in the school. She heard what sounded like glass breaking and … Read More

Security Audio from a School Break In

Security Audio from a School Break In December 23, 2008, sheriff’s deputies caught to intruders at a Washington elementary school. Sonitrol Pacific’s audio sensors recorded everything the two suspects said from the time they activated the security system until they were arrested. At one point, the man says he’s afraid the school’s security system will send police and the woman … Read More

Security Audio from an Independent Distributor

Security Audio from an independent distributor Listen to a humorous recording of several teenagers who had gained entry to this facility and were preparing to leave with bags of coins and master keys for vending machines. They try to talk their way out of trouble but the officer, knowing that a Sonitrol system is in place, quickly corrects their misrepresentation … Read More