Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Basement

How to secure a basement window

When people think about home security, they often think about the doors and windows, primarily. But what about the basement? It is often an overlooked area that deserves some attention. Below are ten tips on how to better secure your basement from burglars. Secure the inside — Make sure that there is no furniture or other tall item near the … Read More

Keep Your Mind at Ease With Sonitrol Pacific’s App

In the days of old, if you wanted to protect your valuables, you had two options: hide them or hire protection. Somewhere along the sands of time, the trusty lock and key were invented. A few thousand years later, we were given the benefits of advanced video surveillance and alarms systems. Today is a new day, and quite frankly, criminals … Read More

Five Reasons to Change Your Locks

Five Reasons to Change Your Locks

Changing the locks on your doors is a small cost to help protect your family, home and valuables compared to what might happen if you don’t update them. It is one of the simplest ways to add a layer of protection but one of the most overlooked. Below are just five reasons as to why you should change your locks. … Read More

Tip Tuesday: Protecting Your Home During a Remodel

Protecting Your Home During a Remodel

When you’re looking for a contractor, plumber, painter or any other kind of repair person, it’s hard to know who to trust. Once you decide on one, then comes the task of protecting your family, home and possessions. If you’re looking to hire a professional for a home remodeling project, be sure to read these safety tips below. • Hire … Read More

Eight Common Home Security Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

Common Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

It’s 2016 and thieves and burglars alike have become even more inventive. They’ve seen a lot of common mistakes that they know to look for. Better protect your home this year by avoiding these common home security mistakes. You only sometimes lock your doors: You may live in a nice neighborhood, have friendly and watchful neighbors, but that still won’t … Read More

5 Commercial & Home Security Tips To Follow This Spring Break

Residential Security

For many families, spring break is a chance to get away for a week or two on a short vacation. Unfortunately, this means that their home or office is often left vulnerable as many people unwittingly leave clues that let burglars know they’re going to be away for a while. If you live in Everett, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, or Boise, … Read More

Scared at School: When Trespassing Brings Police

Ever had the urge to wander the halls of your alma mater, just for old time’s sake? If it means trespassing, three kids in Everett can tell you from experience that it’s not worth it. At 8:56 p.m. on July 30, Verification Center operator Jeff LaMont received an alarm on the courtyard doors at an Everett elementary school. Through the … Read More

Home burglary spree alert

Thurston County Sheriff Dan Kimball sent out an alert this afternoon to make area residents aware of a string of home burglaries in September and urge vigilance from residents. Home security tips from the sheriff’s office: • Leave blinds/curtains open. • Make your residence appear as if someone is home: either leave a light or television on or use timers. … Read More

When a burglar alarm doesn't secure

Garages are notoriously the weak link in home security.  To be effective, alarms and security systems must include the garage when planning.  Check out our earlier blog posts for tips to reduce the garage risk. Courtesy of Tony Orso, Sonitrol Pacific Puget Sound Regional Sales Manager, other possible risks homeowners may face, even if they’ve been told they are protected … Read More