High crime = high Crime Stoppers donation

Every quarter, Sonitrol Pacific donates $100 to Crime Stoppers  for each apprehension incident resulting from a detection by one of our security systems.  When we tallied up our second quarter apprehensions, we were thrilled to see 83 people were caught in 36 incidents.  This leads to $3,600 in donations.  Nice! Boise Area Crime Stoppers: $200 donation 06/27    1 Burglar caught … Read More

Supporting Crime Stoppers

Sonitrol Pacific security system detections, verified by our monitoring experts, led to the apprehension of 37 suspected criminals in 18 separate incidents during the fourth quarter of 2010.  Each quarter, we donate $100.00 for each Sonitrol Pacific detection-to-apprehension incident in recognition of the officers and dispatchers involved in these incidents. Crime Stoppers of Oregon – $400.00 donation, (4) apprehension incidents … Read More

Crime Stoppers donations

The Sonitrol Pacific team wholeheartedly believes in the work done by Crime Stoppers organizations and do all we can to support their efforts to make our communities safer.  One way we offer support is through donations.  Every quarter, we donate $100 per arrest incident at a Sonitrol Pacific protected site. During the first quarter of 2010, 27 suspected burglars, robbers, … Read More