Sonitrol Pacific Awarded 3xLogic Certified Gold Partner!

Certified Gold Partner Seattle, WA – February 16, 2017 Sonitrol Pacific has been named a certified Gold Partner of 3xLogic. Sonitrol Pacific and 3xLogic has had a long-standing, award winning partnership- providing the latest in video surveillance security. Sonitrol Pacific works provide their customers with the latest in Verified technology, ultimately stopping crimes in progress. Thank you to Senior Director of Sales … Read More

Sonitrol Pacific Receives Multiple Awards at the 2017 SNDA Convention in San Francisco!


Last April, Sonitrol Corporation hosted its annual Sonitrol National Dealers Association (SNDA) Convention. Every year Sonitrol dealers, friends, and family gather to recognize the best in sales, marketing, administrative, and technical support throughout North America. This year’s conference took place in San Francisco, CA, where Sonitrol Pacific was honored to receive awards across multiple categories. Awards and Recognition Received: Warranty Dealers … Read More

We’ve got our schools covered!


Early Friday morning our operator received an alarm activation from an elementary school in Kirkland and could hear movement. The operator advised the on site security and then dispatched Kirkland Police. She continued to hear movement and a couple of faint voices. Someone with the onsite security called back to say they caught five teens on site! They were later … Read More

Our Verification Center Has Been Busy Over the Last Several Days!


In the middle of the afternoon on the 18th, our operator received audio from a manufacturing company in Everett. She could hear clanging noises. She received more activations from reception as all. Our operator alerted the emergency contact who said he would come by to check it out. He called back to way one male was arrested on site! The … Read More

One Arrested Early This Morning

One Apprehended Saturday Morning

At 3:00 this morning, our operator received alarm activations on the patio of a restaurant in Fairview, Oregon. He alerted police as well as emergency contacts. Police called in to say they found someone in the patio area and arrested them for trespassing.

Referral Bonus Program


Love the security‬, service and peace of mind only Sonitrol Pacific delivers? Pass it on. When you refer a new client to Sonitrol Pacific, we’ll say “thank you” by making a ‪donation‬‬‬ to your favorite nonprofit organization in your name! You can have $200 donated in your name and take home $200 for yourself, or have the total $400 donated … Read More

Six Arrested in Three Days!

Six Arrested in Three Days!

July 22- It was early in the morning when the operator received audio of a muffled clatter from the northeast hall or classroom at an elementary school in Everett. She alerted the school patrol, police and emergency contacts. There were four males on school property when police arrived. They admitted to being on the roof but could not confirm that … Read More

Four Ways Keyless Entry Systems Keep Your Business Safe

Four Ways Keyless Entry Systems Keep your Business Safe

Burglary and internal theft are an unfortunate reality in business. One of the many solutions Sonitrol Pacific offers to protect businesses is keyless entry, also known as managed access control. This security measure is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways for you to increase security and protect your business. Here are four ways that commercial keyless entry systems … Read More