Vandal detected, arrested

Sheriff’s deputies charged a suspect with criminal vandalism of a Portland area recovery center after Sonitrol Pacific’s audio security system detected the person May 21. Just after 2:30 a.m., Operator Michael Young was monitoring security systems of Portland clients when he received an alarm from the center.  He heard several “loud, sharp bangs”, suspected someone was trying to break in … Read More

Sonitrol Pacific team offers tips to secure lock boxes

By Tony Orso, Puget Sound Regional Sales Manager I had a chance to speak with Gary Chittim, Investigative Reporter for KING 5 news.  He asked me about the locked key boxes companies may have on their buildings.  These boxes are used by the fire and police departments to gain easy access into buildings during emergencies.  There have been some cases … Read More

Audio security system leads police to stolen computers

Despite an early morning break-in, Arakawa Hanging Systems suffered no losses, police recovered a truckload of stolen computers and neighboring businesses weren’t burglarized thanks to Operator Joe Orsborn expertly monitoring Arakawa’s Sonitrol Pacific audio security system. Just before 5 a.m. today, Joe received an activation of Arakawa’s system.  He listened to what was happening live on site and heard sounds … Read More

Security system detects running water, prevents major damage to health clinic

Audio security sensors deliver amazing results.   When monitored by experts, they ensure threats are detected and verified, criminals are caught and false alarms are few.  And, sometimes, they do even more. At 1:30 this morning, Operator Jessica Culver received an activation of the audio security system at Compass Health in Marysville, Wash.  She listened and heard what sounded like rain … Read More