One Arrested March 16

ne Arrested March 16th

It was early in the morning when the Operator received alarm signals from a non-project organization in Monroe. She could see a person on site with a flashlight and hat going through the donation bin and proceeded to dispatch the police. A member of the police department called back to say they recovered the items taken out of the bin … Read More

One Arrested Yesterday Morning

Two Different School Apprehensions Last Week!

Operator Jessica Culver was in the Verification Center early yesterday morning when she received audio of glass breaking and at least two male voices inside a pharmacy in Marysville. She continued to hear crashing and banging inside and dispatched the Marysville Police Department. Jessica could hear the guys running on foot and a vehicle leaving on the scanner, police were … Read More

One Apprehended for Burglary Monday Morning

Two Apprehensions in Five Days!

Operator Minta Christopherson was in the Verification Center Monday morning when she received alarm signals from the bar entry of a restaurant in Beaverton, OR. She alerted the emergency contact and contacted the Beaverton Police Department. Police confirmed the arrest of one for burglary, saving our customer from damage.

Stay outta school, kids!

Adults love to tell kids to stay in school. Sonitrol Pacific takes a different stance—children should stay OUT of school, at least in the wee hours of the morning. At 3AM on July 10, eagle-eared Verification Center operator Kris heard a couple of youngsters attempting to break into a Snohomish county middle school. The county sheriff was dispatched to the … Read More

Roller Rink Intrusion Skids to a Halt

Dogs and roller skating rinks don’t usually mix—except when the dogs are police K-9s and the skate rink is the site of a crime. That was the case during a recent break-in at the Everett Skate Deck interrupted by a quick and verified call to the police from Sonitrol Pacific. At 5:45AM on July 3, Operator Kris Etheridge heard loud … Read More