Suspected car thieves caught thanks to audio security

Ashley Sutton

Two juveniles in possession of a stolen car were apprehended after Sonitrol Pacific detected them breaking into a school and the monitoring operator called police May 12.

Ashley Sutton received an impact-activated audio security sensor alert from the school around 7:30 p.m. and heard a loud crash. A representative from the school district chose to investigate the noise rather than immediately call police.

Soon after, Sutton heard sounds of movement and doors opening, followed by voices. The school district representative was still 20 minutes away and Sutton called police. While officers were on their way, Sutton heard tapping, rustling and faint movement sounds.

Police arrived in about five minutes of Sutton’s call and took two juveniles into custody.

According to police, the boys got into the school by testing doors until they found one that gave way. Nothing was stolen and no damage was done to the school, but the two had a stolen vehicle with them and a record of criminal activity.