Suspected burglars get stuck in vent

Police and firefighters rescued suspected burglars after they tried to break into a school through the ventilation system July 10.  Sonitrol Pacific detected the break-in and alerted police.

Monitoring Operator Jessica Culver (pictured) received an impact-activated alert from the school’s Sonitrol Pacific security system.  She heard loud bangs and laughter, and believed people were on the roof.  Culver immediately called police.  Continuing to listen to activity at the school, she realized two people had climbed into the vents and were trying to talk a third person into following them.

Granite Falls Police and Snohomish County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to Culver’s call and arrived on scene in less than four minutes.  They immediately caught one suspect.  Soon after, officers located two more people, now stuck in the ventilation system.  The fire department was called.  One man was able to get out on his own; the other had to be retrieved by a female deputy.  All three were arrested.

According to a representative from the school district, the men previously attended the school and thought it would be fun to break-in.

The school district employee expressed gratitude to Culver for her “great work” and said he was highly impressed with Sonitrol Pacific’s response.