Suspect Arrested and a Drunk Driver Removed From the Streets for Good

On April 10, 2011 at approximately 5:30am our operator Joe Orsborn dispatched Gresham Police on an A/C power down signal followed by audio of crashing and banging noises at Cascade Horticulture. Joe was able to reach our key contact Mr. Dean New to advise him of the activity. Upon further follow up with Mr. New, our customer service representative Heather Rosenthal found he was very happy with our response to this alarm.

Suspect(s) had broken into the outside breaker boxes and shut off the power, not knowing that Sonitrol Pacific Security Systems have battery backup. They then broke out a window in one of the roll-up doors attempting to get to the latch; however Mr. New had it pad-locked as well, which slowed the suspect(s) down. No entry was gained, and nothing was taken. Also, Mr. New advised, the police were able to arrest one individual as they were driving away from the scene charging them with DUI. Officers later came back to retrieve some of the bloody glass from the broken window for evidence, as the suspect had a suspicious cut on their hand when they were pulled over. Mr. New has had two other recent break-ins before having a Sonitrol Pacific Security System installed, and is very pleased the Sonitrol Pacific Security System prevented a third break in.