Summer travel signals need for home security communication

Cindy Burr

By Cindy Burr

The month of June signals the return of summer. School kids get a break, days get longer, and the sun is stronger. For many of us, it will trigger the urge to travel and explore.

A home security system assures someone is watching when you cannot. Whether at work or play, a monitored alarm system makes you three times less likely to suffer a break-in than your unprotected neighbor.

This sense of security does not come without precautions on your part. Knowing what to do to aid in your safety is of the utmost importance. Just as you prepare yourself for any journey, long or short, you should remember these important details before you leave home:

Notify us (in advance if you can) that you will be gone, and for how long.

Review the contact list we have on file for you. We will be happy to make any adjustments to it before you leave. An up-to-date call list is essential when you cannot be reached personally. Have you changed your home or cell number lately? This information can be updated at any time with a quick phone call to our Verification Center.

If possible, provide a schedule of when you will have visitors to your property, such as a house or pet sitter, landscapers, etc. This information is very helpful to us, and eliminates unnecessary calls to you or those on your call list.

Knowing if any humidifiers or fans will be left running and if smoke detector batteries are up to date will also be useful.

Just as you contact a travel agent to schedule a trip, your contact with Sonitrol Pacific will go a long way with ensuring your vacation is just what you hoped for, and more.