Stories from the Field: Customer Service Representative

“Every month I receive a report from our Verification Center manager. The report shows customer alarm activity and I look for any troubling patterns.  For this reason, it is important for me to reach out to my customers and inform them of any incidents they may not be aware of so they can make the necessary changes and reduce any false positive signals.

There was one company in the month of May that had 36 false positive incidents.  I pulled the report like I always do and noticed there was a pattern of when the alarms were being inaccurately tripped.  I set up a meeting with our main point of contact and explained the situation.  I went through all their options from having a conversation with the employees, to increasing the delay time on the alarm, to getting a technician out to make sure it wasn’t a faulty sensor.  He explained to me that it was probably a new overnight delivery driver and that he would have a conversation with him.

June rolled around and once again I pulled the report.  As I looked through the list of customers I noticed the customer had reduced the number of incidents from 36 to 7!  I let my contact know and told him to remind the driver that he has to disarm and arm within a certain time EVERY TIME he delivers equipment.

It is now September and they have not been on the disarm/alarm report for the last 2-3 months.  Sometimes all it takes is a conversation to find positive results!”

Shane Simmons Transparent
Words by Shane Simmons, Customer Service Representative, Seattle