An Expert’s Stance on Stadium Security Systems

**By Kerry Goodwin, School Specialist Puget Sound**

As the school security specialist for Sonitrol Pacific in the Puget Sound, I create many customized school alarm systems. Recently, a local school district had a need for a unique stadium security system. The stadium did not have a phone or network communication link, and it was located in an area with sparse and unreliable cell phone coverage. Regardless, they were in real need of a security system for the stadium that would protect the tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment inside. None of the companies who they had met with before were able to offer them good security solutions.

When I met with them, I presented Sonitrol Pacific’s newest wireless security solution. They were all over it! I tested the system at the site: it was good. I gave them the pricing: it was good, too. Our technicians installed the security system: it was all good!

Now, I have other clients wanting to schedule a tour of this facility so they can see how this new security system could work for their stadium or other locations. We believe that each customer deserves a customized security system that will work exactly as they need it to, every time. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation security consultation.Click to see a demo of a school security system design!

From school gyms to the Tacoma Dome, we do stadium security like no one else.