Sounding Board, Sonitrol Pacific Quarterly Newsletter, Winter 2011, 194 Apprehensions

“SnOMG”, the Northwest’s November weather event and freeze, caught a lot of people off guard.  If you’re still completing your winter weatherization checklist, here are a few items to add that will help increase facility security.

Weatherize for Security
• Schedule your annual fire system inspection for cleaning and fresh batteries.
• Reset timers on cameras, camera lighting and DVRs to allow for dark winter days.

New leadership, familiar face
Sonitrol Pacific Tacoma welcomed Joel Dopp as their manager early in November.  Although new to this role, Joel isn’t new to the team.

“He’s worked hard to prepare himself and it’s an opportunity he’s earned,” said Beau Bradley, Sound Security President.  “I’m excited about his new position.”

Because more than bad guys go bump in the night …
During the Northwest’s November freeze, Sonitrol Pacific detected broken pipes for 13 clients.  Broken pipes were detected at four more facilities during the New Year’s weekend freeze.  Our operators took action and people knew about the problem much earlier than they would have otherwise.  Just one more opportunity for us to save clients money and time.

Apprehension review
Sonitrol Pacific detections/dispatches resulted in 194 apprehensions of suspected burglars, vandals and trespassers.  See our complete 2010 record.

Guns recovered, one arrested
Police recovered three guns and more than $3,000 in merchandise when they arrested a suspected burglar of a Portland store after Sonitrol Pacific detected the break-in December 12.

Intrusion News: Beef up with cell back-up
A cellular back-up device allows your Sonitrol Pacific security system to communicate with our Operations Center even if the phone line(s) connected to a security panel fails.  This puts a cost-effective safety net in place and keeps a facility protected despite extreme weather, phone lines being cut, or acts of God.

Accessing Access Control: Icy roads, trapped at home, doors set to unlock at 7am?
You already know Sonitrol Pacific’s Managed Access Control saves you time and money, but did you also know it can play a major role during a major weather event in keeping your facility secure?

Fire Watch: An ounce of prevention
The 103,500 fires in nonresidential structures in 2009 resulted in 105 deaths, 1,690 injuries and $3,046,000,000 in direct financial losses, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

To protect your people and facility, keep your fire detection system in prime working condition, have fire inspections completed regularly (refer to “Prevention through inspection”, Sounding Board, Fall 2010 for more details on fire system inspections), and make sure everyone follows fire prevention rules.

Holiday helpers
We are grateful to the members of our team who spend holidays taking care of our clients, ensuring their facilities are protected.  Thanks to our team’s commitment, our clients enjoy worry-free celebrations with friends and family.

Perry Employee of Q3
Kelly Perry was selected as Sound Security’s Employee of the Quarter for the third quarter of 2010.

As a Service Technician, Kelly is a problem-solver.  He puts concerned clients at ease by tracking down and fixing sources of frustration.  Even if the call for help comes in the middle of the night, Kelly delivers service with a smile.

Employees of the Month
The Sound Security Board of Directors named Jeff LaMont and Summer Felker the Employees of the Month for September and October, respectively.

Exceeding Expectations Since 1978
We strive to exceed expectations.  We welcome your feedback regarding our services and continually seek opportunities to improve.
Call your Sonitrol Pacific Branch Manager and tell him about your experience: Joe Bullis in Everett, Jim Payne in Seattle, Joel Dopp in Tacoma, Jim Dopp in Portland and Bill Lewis in Boise.