Sound security system detects two, officers arrest

Cami Halstead

Deputies arrested two people suspected of attempting to burglarize a Tacoma area business May 17 after Sonitrol Pacific’s sound based security system detected them and the monitoring operator dispatched officials.

Sonitrol Pacific Monitoring Operator Cami Halstead received impact-activated audio security sensor alerts from the business around 9:20 p.m. She heard sounds of people moving around in the parts area of the building and called the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

Officers responded quickly to the verified alarm and immediately caught one person. A police dog tracked down a second suspect hiding in the business’ fenced yard. Both people were arrested.

According to deputies, the intruders cut through the fence to get into the secured area.

The people from protected business were “extremely happy” with the effectiveness of their Sonitrol Pacific audio security system, the expertise of Operator Halstead and the responsiveness of the deputies.