Sonitrol Pacific "the logical choice"

Different organizations have different reasons for choosing Sonitrol Pacific for their electronic facility security.  However, for most everyone it comes down to the fact that we save schools, businesses and other organizations time and money … in addition to delivering the highest standard of service and security technology.

This letter from the Snohomish School District helps tell one organization’s reasons:

December 23, 2010

To whom it may concern;

This letter is to provide a professional reference for Sonitrol Pacific with regard to the design, installation, service, repair and monitoring of security and fire alarm systems.

I have worked for the Snohomish School District for more than 5 years, but I know that Sonitrol has been installing, servicing and monitoring our fire and security systems long before I arrived.  Sonitrol has been our sole source for fire and security monitoring simply because it is a company that understands school facilities and how those facilities function – both when in operation and after hours.

In the past 5 years the Snohomish School District has built 3 new elementary schools, a second high school and has been remodeling an old high school campus that has included adding new buildings along with modernizing older buildings.  We’ve also added Sonitrol monitoring systems in 3 elementary schools where there was no prior monitoring system.

All of the monitoring systems in these construction projects were designed and built by Sonitrol Pacific and included: fire, intrusion and digital camera systems.  Each project presented its own challenges with Sonitrol being able to work through those challenges and leave us with a system that works as intended, or better, and allows us to know that we have the best and most logical security system available.

I stress the word logical because I believe that by utilizing Sonitrol Pacific; we have kept from having numerous false alarms, which means that we have been able to maintain a good relationship with our police and fire responders since they are seldom called out to our facilities unnecessarily.  This is especially important now that those agencies have begun charging large fees for “false alarms”.

There are many companies out there that can offer a security system to be installed in your schools or offices.  It is my belief that Sonitrol Pacific is the only company that provides the true security of being able to hear what’s going on in your building, recording that activity and being able to guide law enforcement when they arrive.  This means that Sonitrol Pacific is respected not only by their customers, but by law enforcement and fire responders as well.  They keep everyone safe by having ears, and sometimes eyes (depending on your design), on the scene and are able to relay that information to those who need it most.

I can’t imagine utilizing a security company that doesn’t offer that service and I can only imagine the comfort that a law enforcement officer feels when they KNOW where the suspect is in the building instead of having to guess or assume.

One final compliment: I get called from Sonitrol operators at all times of the day and night and they are ALWAYS friendly, helpful and logical when they are relaying information to me.  They even seem to understand that they may have to repeat information to me more than once if they’ve woken me at 3:00 a.m.

By choosing Sonitrol Pacific for the design-build and monitoring of your security and fire alarm systems, you’ll be choosing a company with a solid history of success, especially in school and public buildings.


Kraig Rosencrantz, Supervisor
Management and Custodial Department
Snohomish School District #201