Sonitrol Pacific team offers tips to secure lock boxes

By Tony Orso, Puget Sound Regional Sales Manager

I had a chance to speak with Gary Chittim, Investigative Reporter for KING 5 news.  He asked me about the locked key boxes companies may have on their buildings.  These boxes are used by the fire and police departments to gain easy access into buildings during emergencies.  There have been some cases where criminals have gained access into buildings using the keys from these boxes. Please note, we in no way suggest that you remove the boxes – they are too important and can be a “Key” to life safety and emergency services.

We do however recommend that you take a couple of steps to help secure these boxes:
1)  Limit the number and types of keys, codes or access cards that you put into these boxes.
2)  Make sure your box is included as part of your monitored alarm system.
3)  Make sure you use an alarm system that verifies intrusions – the police come to verified alarms much quicker than standard alarms.
4)  Make sure you look at other boxes that contain “convenience keys” for real estate agents, phone or cable providers or other service people who enter your building.
5)  If you cover these boxes with cameras insure that the cameras can be used to verify any alarm from the keybox.

If you would like a review of security options for these boxes please give us a call!