Sonitrol Pacific Systems Even Protect Unprotected Neighbors, Security that Actually Works

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted December 15, 2008

Whenever I meet someone and the conversation turns to what each of us does for a living, I usually get the question “oh, like ADT?” To which I answer, “kind of, but our electronic security actually works.” A security system designed, installed and monitored by Sonitrol Pacific is so different from traditional burglar alarm companies, it’s hard for us to be grouped with them. One example of this is our apprehension record. Another is our technology. And a third is our Commitment to Service.

One major difference with audio detection technology is we “hear” more than just what happens at our clients’ locations. Two separate activations over the weekend caught criminal activity near our protected sites.

1. 12/13 Micheal Young received an audio activation at Rasmussen BMW in Portland from a “sharp exterior bang”; he listened to audio and heard another bang and dispatched Portland Patrol; security guards reported our client’s business was secure, but several juveniles smashed beer bottles against the walls of a business across the street and broke out several windows. Police apprehended them about a block away.

2. 12/15 Kris Etheridge recevied an audio activation from the office area of Sameday Auto Scratch & Dent Repair in Beaverton. She heard sounds of possible glass breaking and something rolling across the floor, followed by an audible alarm and called police. The break-in actually occurred at the business next door to our client. Our client was particularly happy his system worked so well … especially since his neighbor’s alarm company NEVER CALLED POLICE.