Sonitrol Pacific Super Saturday: Four Apprehensions

What a busy weekend– two parties, one managers meeting, and four apprehensions! While the rest of the Sonitrol Pacific staff was recovering from/preparing for the company Christmas parties, our operators were hard at work.

Jessica Culver was responsible for a theft apprehension at 4:30 in the morning on Saturday after she received a door alarm from one of our warehouse security systems at a school warehouse in Marysville. Wash. Due to the remote access audio detection, she could tell that the door was open and heard loud machinery and the HVAC system, so she dispatched Marysville police and the employee contact for the site. Jessica then heard police officers on the scanner report say that a man had been pushing a loaded shopping cart away from the warehouse. When he saw the officer approaching, he ran and hopped the fence. Fortunately, police and K-9 searched the nearby lumberyard and apprehended him. The cart was recovered along with cables, software and 14 laptops. There was damage to the warehouse door.

Robin Goings

Later that day, Robin received security camera alarm activation at a public elementary school in Hillsboro, Ore. in the afternoon. He verified that there was a teenage male in a gray hooded sweatshirt who appeared to be tampering with the motion viewer. Robin dispatched Portland police and Cascade Enforcement. Police reported that they found three juveniles on the roof of the building and had taken them into custody. The school security camera had been disconnected from its mounted position. While doing the apprehension follow up, Robin also made sure to write a service ticket as part of the Sonitrol Pacific commitment to service so that the equipment could be repaired free of charge that same day.

Watch the video footage from the Hillsboro school apprehension below!