Sonitrol Pacific Receives Multiple Awards at the 2017 SNDA Convention in San Francisco!


Photography Credit: Kelli Price Photography

Last April, Sonitrol Corporation hosted its annual Sonitrol National Dealers Association (SNDA) Convention. Every year Sonitrol dealers, friends, and family gather to recognize the best in sales, marketing, administrative, and technical support throughout North America. This year’s conference took place in San Francisco, CA, where Sonitrol Pacific was honored to receive awards across multiple categories.

Awards and Recognition Received:

  • Warranty Dealers of the Year
    • #1 Sonitrol Pacific (Everett)
    • #3 Sonitrol Pacific (Seattle)
  • Most Audio Sensor Sales
    • #1 Sonitrol Pacific (Everett)
  • Most Branded Video Sales
    • #1 Sonitrol Pacific (Everett)
  • Top Sales Recurring Monthly Revenue (Warrior RMR)
    • #1 Shawn Benefiel
  • Top Sales Total Contract Value (Chief TCV)
    • #2 Shawn Benefiel
  • Top Sales Panels Sold (Scout Panel Points)
    • #1 Shawn Benefiel
  • 2017 National Achievement Award (Technician)
    • Mike Healy – Top Technician
  • 2017 National Achievement Award (Administrative & Support)
    • Chelly Bickler – Administrative and Support Shining Star
  • 2017 Commitment to Service
    • Mattie Mackenzie – Commitment to Service
  • 2017 Spirit of Excellence
    • Cindy Burr – Spirit of Excellence
  • Employees of the Year
    • Cami Halstead – Sonitrol Pacific’s 2016 Employee of the Year