Sonitrol Pacific Operator Detects Tragic Event, Sends Sheriff’s Deputies

By DeJa Irving, Customer Service Representative, Sonitrol Pacific Tacoma
Posted June 24, 2008

Although not an apprehension, this situation service as a tragic reminder that we at Sonitrol Pacific aren’t just providing security for businesses and homes; we are responsible for the people inside them too.

Listening early morning June 23, Kris Etheridge heard a small thud and sounds of movement from the real-time audio sensors at a medical clinic in Puyallup. Kris immediately dispatched Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies found a male driver lost control of his car while traveling at more than 100mph. He flipped the car on its side, hit a curb and became air born before crashing into the clinic. The driver was ejected from the car prior to it smashing into the clinic. A passenger was trapped inside the burning car. Neither survived.

There was extensive smoke and fire damage to Summit View Clinic, but the Sonitrol Pacific system can still arm to keep what is left of the building protected.

The complete story is available on the Tacoma News Tribune.