Sonitrol Pacific on watch = entry denied

Operator Michael Young

The expertise and fast response of a Sonitrol Pacific operator monitoring audio sensor technology led to the arrest of a suspected burglar before he could break into a Tacoma area power company May 6.

Just after 4 a.m., Operator Michael Young received an alert from the security sensors covering the fence around the business. He heard “banging and metallic clunking sounds” and viewed the security cameras. Even though everything looked calm on the live surveillance video, Young continued to hear “deliberate” noises and called Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Young continued to monitor audio and video activity outside the building while officers were on their way and heard the banging “getting more hurried”. He watched deputies arrive within five minutes of his call and take one man into custody.

The man was arrested for attempted burglary and having burglary tools. He was arrested before getting into the business; no damage was done to the property and nothing was taken.