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December 29, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

We have used Sonitrol security systems for our schools for over fifteen years.  We utilize their services for intrusion detection, access control, and audio monitoring.  Their service has been excellent and thorough.  Being a school district in an urban setting, our 58 schools are subject to vandalism and unauthorized entry to a high degree.  Sonitrol helps us coordinate our security efforts in monitoring facilities to determine false alarms verses true incidents and will report promptly to our security force any suspected foul play.

Because they are schools, we have many incidents which would cause false alarms to standard motion sensors such as blowing banners and such.  Sonitrol helps us ferret the false from the true alarm.

Throughout, even though I consider myself a picky customer, Sonitrol has responded to our needs exceptionally.  Even through I have made a number of changes to our processes in how we handle our security, Sonitrol has responded willingly to these changes in practice with very little issue with errors.  Their billing practices are very good and i have had very little to challenge in our relationship.

The only fault I can point out is Sonitrol’s unwillingness to accept digital technology.  We are forced to maintain analog phone lines at each facility due to this lack of progress.  this increases our costs substantially and is harder to maintain than our digital network.

Ken Wilson, CSP
Safety & Environmental Manager
Tacoma Public Schools

We’re excited that digital technology is making great strides.  The Sonitrol Pacific team continues to test it for reliability and uses digital phone lines when appropriate.  However, analog phone technology remains the most stable platform and the best option for monitoring many systems.  Sonitrol Pacific will always choose the technology that will yield the most reliable security system.