Sonitrol Pacific “hears” intruder, Seattle Police track him down at local restaurant

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted January 27, 2009

The recent detection and arrest at Sonitrol Pacific protected Azteca Restaurant in Seattle garnered the following write up in the SPD blotter:

Burglary Suspect Arrested

On 01-20-2009, at approximately 12:10 AM an Alarm Company notified 911 that they could hear someone inside a restaurant in the 1800 block of Eastlake Ave. E., doing property damage. Officers arrived on scene and set up around the business. As they positioned themselves to the north of the building they observed a male suspect run from behind the business and then down a steep heavily wooded embankment. Officers set containment and called for a K-9 Officer. After a very difficult track, a suspect was located hiding under a railroad car that has been converted into a small restaurant. The suspect was placed into custody.

Several items were located under the railroad car, including a vehicle key. Officers searched the immediate area and located a vehicle that belonged to the suspect. The vehicle was approximately 150 feet from where the suspect was found hiding. It is believed that containment forced the suspect to hide before he could reach his vehicle. The vehicle was impounded to the processing room with a hold for Burglary and Theft detectives.

The “property damage” refers to the hole the suspect made in the wall in order to get inside Azteca. Thanks to the Seattle Police for the fast response to the call from Sonitrol Pacific operator Mike Young and for taking the man into custody.

Only audio detection sensors give monitoring centers the ability to hear what is happening inside a protected facility and verify an alarm activation. Sonitrol Pacific operators are experts in verification.