Sonitrol Pacific gets the job done

Deputies took four suspected school burglars into custody after Sonitrol Pacific detected the break-in April 6.

“That’s why we use you, it just gets the job done,” a representative from the school district told Shawn Benefiel, Public Agency Specialist for Sonitrol Pacific.

Operator Michael Young

Around 11:15 p.m., Operator Michael Young received alerts from the school’s security system.  Listening to live audio security sensors, he heard rattling noises followed by faint voices, determined people were outside trying to get in the school and called the security guard.  While the guard was on his way, Young heard a door creak, then people talking inside the school.  He called Washington County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies caught three adults and a minor taking food from the school’s cooler and took them into custody.

Officers’ response to Sonitrol Pacific’s verified alarm was so quick, all school property was recovered and no damage was done.