Sonitrol Pacific Detects, Suspect Hides, Police Seek & Take into Custody

Officers found a suspected burglar hiding in a classroom closet after Sonitrol Pacific security detected his movements inside a Puget Sound area school January 11.

Operator Joe Orsborn was on high alert for any activity in this school district due to a set of master keys being taken a few months earlier.  He received a security system activation just after 11:00 p.m., less than five minutes after the custodians turned on the system and left the building.  Orsborn heard sounds like “someone inside working, but not threatening” and called the district’s guard service to investigate.

The guard was on scene in minutes and could tell a someone was hiding in the closet of a Headstart classroom.  Despite multiple attempts to get the person to come out, the he wouldn’t and the guard kicked the door open.

“He was hiding in the closet,” the security guard said.  “I could smell him.”

Tacoma Police were called and the man was arrested.  According to police, the suspect entered the school while it was open and hid until the custodial staff left for the night.