Customer Testimonial: Wanker's Country Store

*From a new Sonitrol Pacific customer*

I am the owner of Wanker’s Country Store, located in unincorporated Clackamas County.  My business has been burglarized in the past and I am not comfortable operating without a monitored security system.  Recently I was notified by mail with only 4 days notice that the company monitoring my security system would no longer be doing so.  The company that installed the system has not returned my call nor contacted me since that notice.  Having received notice on a Saturday, it was Monday when I contacted Sonitrol Pacific.

I had dealt with ADT in the past at another location, and did not feel comfortable with their customer service nor their competence in installing and monitoring their system.  They were rude and unresponsive. Working with Sonitrol Pacific was a different story.

Within hours of my call to Sonitrol Pacific, Doni Latham visited my store.  She listened to my situation and told me that, although it would normally take about two weeks to schedule my installation, she recognized my risk and would do what she could to have us operating by Wednesday, when we would no longer be covered by our previous company.  Within hours Doni had arranged to have Sonitrol Pacific install my system on Tuesday and Wednesday, in time to have uninterrupted security protection.  A Sonitrol Pacific service technician arrived Tuesday morning and worked diligently until the system was operational Wednesday afternoon.  Deborah Hamlin came to the store Wednesday afternoon to train my workers, set up our password numbers, and confirm that the system was operational by Wednesday night.

I had asked that the technician wire an outside siren to sound immediately if the system detected a break-in.  Deborah explained to me why this was not advisable in a clear, convincing and pleasant manner, and arranged to have this aspect changed.  Amazingly, our system was operational by Wednesday night and we had no lapse in our security.  I now have the comfort that we are covered by a professional and highly competent company, and I appreciate the effort, concern and professionalism shown by your representatives.

Thank you for your service and attention.


Rob Schneider

Wanker’s Country Store