Sonitrol Pacific, aka Kitty Crimestoppers

We helped put this homeowner’s mind at ease after her cats got in a fight while she was away.

Posted on our Facebook wall, 02/11/13

I have been a residential customer of Sonitrol Pacific for several years. Recently I was away on a business trip when I got a call from them. I was told that they heard a crash and then a cat yelling. They feared that one of my cats had been seriously hurt. The cats are part of the family so I was concerned. The dispatcher and I talked. I asked if he thought there was an intruder in the house and he said no. There were no sounds after the crash and the cat yelling. He asked if I wanted to hear a replay of the incident and I said yes. When I heard it, I knew what had happened. Two of the cats got into a “scrap” in the dining room. One of them always yells like she is being killed when this happens (she’s a diva) then she runs away. Hearing what happened confirmed this.

I really appreciated being contacted by Sonitrol and their concern over the well being of my pets.

I am so glad that they are my security system!

What other security company would call you if your beloved pet sounded injured?