Crazy Beans Espresso

Audio security thwarts burglary
Sonitrol Pacific security audio of movement inside a Seattle espresso stand led to the arrest of one suspected burglar December 9. Operator Kristine Etheridge received the impact-activated alarm from Crazy Beans Espresso just after 2 a.m. She heard a crashing noise followed by what sounded like glass breaking and movement, and called Seattle Police. Etheridge continued to listen to live security audio from the coffee stand while officers were en route to keep them informed of what was happening. Within minutes, she heard a police officer order an intruder to get on the ground. Seattle Police arrived at Crazy Beans minutes after Etheridge called and found a homeless man hiding in the bathroom. The man told police he broke in looking for donuts, not money, but they got there too soon for him to find anything. After the suspect was in custody and while police were clearing the scene, a woman pulled up to the espresso stand’s drive-thru and tried to order a white chocolate mocha. Officers joked with her, saying they couldn’t make it as they were out of white chocolate. Listen to security audio of the woman placing her order. Special Thanks To: Seattle Police Department Location: Crazy Beans Espresso LISTEN TO THE AUDIO
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