SNDA Achievement Competition

Sonitrol Pacific is proud to be an active member of the Sonitrol National Dealers’ Association (SNDA).  Members  support each other in ongoing growth and challenge each other to ever greater levels of excellence.

Each year the SNDA holds a contest for employees of the franchises.  We were thrilled to learn Anne Ogama, Sonitrol Pacific Seattle Admin Support, is a winner, and team members Allan Bray, Gordon DuCette, Scott Stevanus, DeJa Irving, and Amanda Dittebrandt earned honorable mention.

Here’s the official announcement of all the winners and honorable mention recipients:

We are pleased to announce this year’s winners of the Sonitrol National Achievement Award.  The top winner for each category will be announced on Awards Night in Memphis, Tenn.   Please join us in congratulating:

1. Fred Beatty, Sonitrol of Charlotte
2. Jeff Searls, Sonitrol of Rochester
3. Dan Silvestro, Sonitrol of Buffalo

1. Jonathan Carr, Sonitrol of San Jose
2. Elizabeth Morris, Sonitrol of Toronto
3. Jeff Wilson, Sonitrol of Toronto

1. Rebecca Broach, Sonitrol of Tallahassee
2. Dean Furlano, Sonitrol of Toronto
3. Anne Ogama, Sonitrol Pacific – Seattle

Achievement Award Honorable Mention
We are pleased to recognize the achievements of these individuals.  We wish them and everyone who participated the best of luck in next year’s contest.   Please join us in congratulating:

1. Dwight Knight, Sonitrol of Anderson
2. Allan Bray, Sonitrol Pacific – Tacoma
3. Gordon Ducette, Sonitrol Pacific – Portland
4. Scott Stevanus, Sonitrol Pacific – Portland

5. Mark Howell, Sonitrol of Las Vegas

1. Michelle Resendiz, Sonitrol Chicago West
2. Amy Penkauskaus, Sonitrol of Richmond
3. Karl Maier, Sonitrol of Buffalo
4. Jim Burka, Sonitrol of Buffalo
5. Darren Ziemba, Sonitrol of Buffalo

1. Maureen Wilson, Sonitrol of Las Vegas
2. Deja Irving, Sonitrol Pacific – Tacoma
3. Amanda Dittebrandt, Sonitrol Pacific – Everett

4. Kathleen Dee, Sonitrol of Buffalo
5. Robin Pegg, Sonitrol of Buffalo