Snack attack leads to break-in, apprehension

Operator Joe Orsborn

Police tased and arrested a man suspected of entering a Puget Sound area school to break into a vending machine after Sonitrol Pacific detected him June 29.

Just after 4 a.m., Operator Joe Orsborn responded to the school’s security system activation.  He briefly heard fireworks over the audio security sensors and called the school’s guard service.

The security guard investigated, but didn’t find anything.

Orsborn received more alarms and security system activations and called the guard back to the school.  Orsborn heard fireworks again.  Tacoma Police were called.

Police located a man trying to break into a vending machine.  While acting to arrest the man, police ended up tasing him.

According to the security guard, the suspected burglar got into the school through an unlocked gym door.