Small business security

Sonitrol Pacific Security Resources

By Pamela Singleton, Sonitrol Pacific Director of Communications
Posted February 23, 2009

A recent Security Products article cites a National Sheriff’s Association report that 30 percent of small businesses fail due to burglary, robbery, shoplifting, and/or fraud.

The article offers these tips for small business owners to protect their assets.

– Provide adequate interior and exterior lighting. Interior lighting should be visible to those outside. Exterior lighting should illuminate dark areas around buildings and parking lots.
– Install an obvious video surveillance system to serve as a prevention tactic, help with identifying possible criminals and deter fraud. Once cameras are installed, place security signs at points of entry to publicize the presence of those cameras.
– Utilize a safe with a mechanism to make periodic drops during the day to minimize the amount of cash in registers. Immediately drop large bills to discourage potential robbers.
– Use background checks and other methods to screen all employees before hiring as the best defense against internal theft. Train new hires about security and safety practices.
– Install silent alarms to notify police and give them a better chance to catch perpetrators.
– Reduce advertising banners on front windows and displays behind windows which can obstruct viewing into the store.
– Instruct employees to be the first line of defense in loss prevention by greeting or acknowledging every customer who enters. Provide personal service to as many customers as possible.